Change - A Frightening Concept?

For many companies, the thought of changing data provision is a terrifying prospect...

New meters? New data? New analytics? ... Help?

Pilot Systems' partners think smarter. With Pilot Systems, it's easy to get the data - with no hardware headaches.


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The Whole Mix
We have a wide range of partners that we do business with and for. Given our integral standing within the metering and energy marketplace, you can see we supply products and services to technology companies, energy suppliers, end-users, consultancies and trade and governmental organisations.

Here is a selection of some of them:

Anglian Water
The Carbon Trust
Northern Electric
Novar (Trend Controls)Novera Energy
EON (Powergen)
Scottish Power
United Utilities

Support systems, CHIRPS
Consultancy on open protocols
Helping SMEs reduce energy consumption
Near on-line industrial remote meter reading
Protocol tester for new meter types
Support systems, CHIRPS and MeterBatch
Export Metercom
Consultancy on FLAG and CHIRPS
Accredited large-scale data collection system
Metercom for diagnostics
Use Metercom to provide accurate data
Export Metercom
Metercom for reading difficult meters
Metercom for reading difficult meters
Hand held half-hourly electricity meter reading
CHIRPS, C2000 interface to other meters
Metering business
Reading and setting up polyphase meters

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