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When Pilot Systems says it's only interested in data, it means it.

Our partners recognise that our main objective is to make their lives easier.

With class-leading products like Metercom, CHIRPS and now MeterPod - we are certainly delivering on our promises.


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Ever since Pilot Systems' beginnings in 1989, the company has been about learning from experience and applying it to the future. The metering market has grown from a 'receive bill, check meter, pay bill approach' to a technically advanced proactive data analysis marketplace. Pilot Systems has not only been instrumental in its growth, but has also been able to develop and shape its products and services accordingly.

1989 - Pilot Systems launched
1991 - Developed the FLAG protocol with Siemens, Ferranti, and Landis and Gyr
1992 - Developed the first CHIRPS hand-held unit in conjunction with GEC and Siemens
1992 - Sold the CHIRPS concept to all other meter manufacturers (bar one)
1993 - Rolled out major project for (then) MANWEB for cross-company hand held usage
1994 - Developed half-hourly meter readings with CHIRPS
1996 - Founded and formed the European Automatic Meter Reading Association
1997 - Developed EDICT, a large-scale data collection system for Northern Electric
1999 - Start of IPR licencing
2000 - Developed Metercom from EDICT experience
2001 - Extension of Metercom to distributed system via TCP/IP Internet Communications Technology
2002 - Re-activated FLAG Association for meter manufacturers worldwide to use the Protocol
2003 - Metercom approved by Elexon for use by Data Collectors in the ESI
2004 - Awarded Advanced Metering Trial by The Carbon Trust
2004 - Launched 'MeterPod' for remote access to metering data from non HHD meters

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