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Let's Talk 'Total Metering'
CHIRPS is a universal meter communications tool which supports any FLAG compatible meter. It supports:

  • Hand held units (using the optical FLAG port)
  • In-station PCs (using modem, Paknet and GSM)
  • Building automation applications, through embedded firmware (using GPRS, SMS (text messaging) and low power radio)

CHIRPS is a mini operating system - automatically detecting meter vendor and product types. It allows different vendors to provide standard functions and services, independently of each other, with a virtually unlimited upgrade path. CHIRPS has become a universal platform for meter data interchange.

For Utilities:

  • A standard sets of metering functions for operators to work with
  • A single support tool for programming and reading meters on site
  • A compatibility standard for meters and metering systems

For Meter Vendors:

  • The ability to set up standard metering functions required by Utilities
  • The ability to have a range of Hand Held Units, without having to support them directly
  • The ability to support metering communications, by working with a simple ASCII file set
  • The ability to conform to industry standards, without first revealing unique metering features

For Communications Providers and System Integrators

  • The ability to provide detailed metering functionality within their systems, without needing the same level of detailed metering knowledge
  • The ability to conform to industry standards without needing to partner with every meter vendor
  • The ability to implement "compatibility in advance"

CHIRPS Scenarios

  • Register reading of complex tariff meters
  • Backup for remote meter reading
  • Instantaneous demand measurement remotely
  • Works in conjunction with Metercom and MeterPod Pilot Systems products
  • Downloading meter technical details directly from a meter

Here are some of the main meter manufacturers who already include CHIRPS in their support tool: Elster, Actaris, Ampy, PRI, Horstman, Iskra, Cewe, Landis and Gyr, Itron Streetwise

Think that CHIRPS could work for you? Contact us and see what 'universal' could mean to your business.

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