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At Pilot Systems we're totally practical in our approach to partners.

We show what is costing money, and how they could save it by changing the timing of energy usage.

For us, it's just common sense: measured, evaluated and applied.


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MaterPodA Completely New Market
For sites with non-communicating meters, usage data is often impossible to get hold of - in the recent past, the only way it could be accessed is by visiting and reading the meter registers on site. Yet we know that it has always been the aim of the Energy sector to provide access to these meters.

Until now, the 'solution' seems to have been either to have to replace the existing meter (very costly) or read pulses (costly and inaccurate).

A Totally Fresh Approach
We have applied our experience in the metering sector to develop the perfect tool to access these meters - efficiently and effectively.

MeterPod attaches to the front of any UK electronic meter and reads the data directly from the meter, it then sends this from a built-in modem directly to Pilot Systems offices, where we can use Metercom to translate the information to provide our customers with timely and accurate data.

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