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If you're at your wits' end with metering data issues, then why not contact Pilot Systems?

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Many older buildings don’t have centrally controlled heating and rely on different systems in different sections.  These are often controlled by a local thermostat and/or timer by staff in the vicinity.  It it’s too hot, the easiest thing to do is open the window.  Too cold, and we turn the thermostat up to max.  Not the most efficient, but until we know how much we waste like this, what’s the incentive to do anything about it?

Installing more metering is a solution and often the meter is there already and not being used.

"That’s where the MeterPod comes in”, says Christopher Took, from Pilot, “half-hourly consumption graphs are emailed to named recipients in that part of the building; detailed and often enough to be acted on, but not too much to be ignored”.

Pilot can help you by advising how much and what type of metering to install.

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