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London’s kids and young people in particular are concerned about use of energy and its effects on climate.  Some schools are very proactive.  St Stephen’s School in Shepherds Bush are starting an “Energy Blog” run by the Science Museum.  “We are trying to get schools to share ideas by creating blogs all about their energy saving activities,” says Nigel Orchard CEO of Pilot Lite, the energy knowledge company.


“Once the school blogs are up and running, other schools can see them and get inspired.  Tamsin Gray at the Science Museum explains “It gets everyone involved; the kids create something that looks impressive and gets them thinking about what they are doing and why. “

“Installing a Pilot MeterPod at our school was the first thing to do,” says headmaster Schumm, “it tells us how much we’re wasting and when.”

Toby Davis down from Oxford University for the summer vacation, is helping out at the B2B London show.  “I live near the Thames now, and don’t want rising sea-levels to affect where I live in 50 years time,” says young Toby.  You can get help to cut your energy costs at the Pilot Lite Stand.  “It makes business sense as well as helps save the environment,” says Orchard, who has spent 15 years developing the technology, “now is the time to take action.”

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