Change - A Frightening Concept?

For many companies, the thought of changing data provision is a terrifying prospect...

New meters? New data? New analytics? ... Help?

Pilot Systems' partners think smarter. With Pilot Systems, it's easy to get the data - with no hardware headaches.


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"No meter visit?  Send your own", says Nigel Orchard CEO of Pilot Systems, "with revolutionary UMX technology".  The Utility Meter Index uses a database updated nightly by each energy supplier.  SUDS contains the 27 million meter details needed to translate serial number to MPAN, the unique reference used on energy bills.

Customers can now install a MeterPod(TM) to their existing meter, and see daily fiscal meter readings via Internet.  Suppliers have additional access to opening and closing reads.  "Its going to make supplier switching so much easier, and less costly" says one supplier source, "and will also improve the timeliness and accuracy of the bills".

"No other technology provides all 3 smart meter benefits (energy management, timely accurate bills, stronger utility negotiation)" claims Orchard, "and it puts the customer right in the driving seat.  It also paves the way for government-led smart metering at true marginal cost."

The MeterPod and UMX is being demonstrated at the Pilot Systems stand at ESTA Birmingham and London events, including a lunchtime seminar in London

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