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Pilot Systems Wins Data Certificate! PDF Print E-mail

ImagePilot Systems were delighted to receive protocol approval for Metercom for data retrieval from any Cop 5 meter in the UK. Nigel Orchard, Managing Director of Pilot Systems received the award from Keith Campion, representing Elexon, on 22nd January 2004.

“We’re thrilled that Metercom has finally been recognized and accredited by Elexon” said Nigel. “All the hard work in developing this product has been worthwhile, and I’m so proud of all the effort the Pilot team has put into this product. A job well done, all round!”

“Metercom offers a unique opportunity for all utilities to combine their accredited HHDC business into a single first-class metering retrieval technology” he continued. “Allowing significant improvements in accurate and timely data for all electricity supply businesses”.

Metercom is available in licensed form from Pilot Systems today. Just contact us and we’d be more than happy to put a proposal together for you.
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