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Its here, the Smart Metering Prospectus (DCC) published by government following extensive research and consultation with the industry for over four years. The principle of a single controlling body is, in theory, a good one and the next few months will show how this can be achieved in practise. Key will be a good working metering market, not dominated by sector players (for example energy suppliers, distributors, metering businesses, telecoms providers, systems providers). Also the ability for parties to innovate going forward; lets make sure the minimum spec doesn't become the maximum spec. All will play a part; and the winning formula will be the one where the paying energy consumer calls the shots, in partnerships with their suppliers and agents.
Such a model will be achieved with wise scoping and use of technology, and the contractual terms of its use. As an example in a Vision Statement that Nigel Orchard, our MD, offered to the industry in 1997. Such principles are established today, and Pilot Systems is offering to license the technology to businesses who wish to particpate in the market. Our technology represents the lowest cost and risk in the early days of roll-out, has been proven to work, is integrated within many major parties systems, and (as Ofgem put it) places the consumer at the heart. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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